January 20, 2009

cars hiss by my window

last week i arrived in england to work and live for a year. working at a boarding school has its moments but weekends are worth waiting for. last weekend i went to stay with a few friends in a hostel in london. saturday day we went shopping on oxford st. i was honoured to explore the amazing topshop n got some great sale buys. also discovered the Primark and i advise to visit it one day. its so cheap with the most awesome stuff!
before i left for england i invested in this faux fur coat and second hand boots - bought at an op shop the coat was $25 and the boots $6
what u cant see = leather topshop shorts, white supre shirt, scarf & target tights

saturday night - a night on the town

free to dance in the street to the drumming of his buckets

snake skin pattern pants - op shop buy from reading (my home for the year), shoes - wittner, shirt n blazer - op shop buys
i officially love london.
this weekend back up to there to celebrate australia day weekend


The Cherry Blog said...

Welcome to England hunny!! xx

B B said...

and here we were going to pay tribute to your awsomeness on our wee lil blog yayy im glad these pictures are in the blogging world
much love x x x