September 16, 2008

apple juice won't stain

today i spent the day shopping on crown street (a street off oxford street in the city)
i visited cream, uturn, grandma takes a trip and C's flashback for my fix of recycled fashion

i also made a quick appearance at american apparel to pick up the charcoal figure skater dress i've been after but they didn't have my size.
online store here i come

yesterday i had bought this cropped floral blouse from a thrift store i felt the need to wear it straight away.

these shorts i had cut and cuffed from vintage jeans
they are the most comfortable things i have ever worn and will defs be wearing them alot throughout the summer no doubt

it was a tad chilly when i left the house this morning so i wore my don't ask amanda beige cardi and used a vintage mini backpack (which i have also grown to love)

and then come the shoes.

i also bought these from the thift store yesterday for a bargain $2

next time anyone is in the paddington/surry hills area of oxford street i encourage you all give crown street a go.

it's too fun.

September 15, 2008

follow the golden fox through the golden doors

to whoever invented high waistedness....thankyou very much.
top: target - shorts: thrift store - blazer: thrift store - shoes: zu

top: target - trousers: thrift store - shoes: zu - hat: target

spring is here and the weather shows it. yeeee haaa

September 13, 2008

you're gonna drive my crazy. you're gonna drive me mad.

good thing about sober sunday mornings (if there is such a thing) is that i can take my time finding something to wear for the days festivities

i found this sleeveless blouse in a thrift store in westleigh.
i love how flowy and sheer it is.
the denim skirt i made myself

vintage fur: i would never buy it brand new and this stops it from sitting in someones closet not being worn.
i'm doing it for the fur!

another thrift store find, this hat cost me only $2

it goes by "the happy granny gardening straw hat"

can't tell you exactly what i was trying to achieve here

possibly a preppy farmer with raybans? who knows. i like it but.

happy sunday

credit in the straight world

look a diva in the eye
now that the sun is shining and my legs are bare
i need to invest in a pair of mirrored sunnies

taking inspiration from tallulah

photos courtesy cobrasnake (shrine currently under constrction)

probably my favourite thrift store buy ever, this denim shirt
it's so basic, but so great.
and this leather skirt i made for my textiles major work. i gathered the sides to give it that 'wrap' look. surprisingly i can wear it with anything

September 12, 2008

aladdin sane

i really like how one can get three outfits out a one piece of clothing.
for example:

dress: supre - jumper: thrift store - blazer: thrift store - shoes: zu

last night i attended to black & white ball which is an annual event to raise funds for the royal blind society.
i got my dress at thrift store & then altered it.
please excuse the prom like poses. dress: thrift store - ring: diva

you! me! dancing!

i dont believe there is a difference between want and need

for example i need to get me a copy of jalouse.
a subscription even

but to continue on with our ever lasting love affair with alexander wang id like to acknowledge his spring 09 show.
however not the collection (which smacked his super successful fall range on the head and took it's crown. i've never really been a fan of the 'athletic' look, but this has changed my mind)

i based my entire textiles major work folio on a compostion notebook so seeing what came with the gift bags for guests really got me going.

she'll never get old. i love how he used basic wood benches for the audience to sit on

one day i will meet alexander wang.

and he'll give me a pastel blazer for christmas

September 11, 2008

through a keyhole

for the past few cold months i've grown rather fond of gloves. all sorts.

long ballroom wonders of cheap black satin that make me feel like audrey
pale blue suede granny-gloves
fingerless leather biker gloves à la ksubi

bring on december 9th
i am guarding these with my life

kiss kiss

if i had a large sum of money, i would buy every pair of these shoes. but since i dont, i guess ill just have to pick one. sigh.


1.siren - 2.zu - 3.zu - 4.aldo - 5.siren - 6.witner - 7.bebe - 8.bebe - 9.witner - 10.windsor smith - 11.witner - 12.zu - 13.windsor smith - 14.bebe - 15.bebe - 16.aldo - 17.windsor smith - 18.witner

booties 1.bebe - 2.forever 21 - 3.topshop- 4.forever 21 - 5.aldo - 6.aldo - 7.topshop - 8.aldo- 9.aldo - 10.aldo
click image to see larger view.

September 10, 2008

bondafide lovin

messy nights equals messy headaches.
i found this dress at a thrift store and fell in love with it. the length is a bit awkward but its so comfortable and warm.

hitting up the organic vodka. yum yum pigs bum.

doesnt seraina look cute???

dress: thrift store - scarf: sportsgirl - tights: target - shoes: zu - scooter: stolen but returned

shirt: vintage - blazer: thrift store

be my embrace now

my one wish right now: please o please may i have all the clothes from the alexander wang spring 2009 collection?
below are just a few of my favourites.

i have been inspired.
click image to see larger view.

when your not here i sleep in your t shirt

and so we decided to have a quiet night in during the winter holidays.

i find it diffcult dressing with flats during winter but stockings saved my life. yes, stockings UNDER my plastic leggings. it's a weird idea but not noticeable and kept me super warm. i was also over dressing all black and pulled out my favourite flowy summer shirt.

american apparel eelskin leggings - ilovebilly oxfords - vintage shirt - myer grey longsleeved basic - calla leather jacket

and then i was inspired to reunite with my denim shirt dress. i had altered it from a basic shirt during summer by removing the sleaves and gathering sections of the waist but lost it for most of the warm season. nina's vintage leather jacket made up for the lack of warmth. ripped stockings didn't help for anything but looked remotely cool.

levis altered shirt - vintage leather jacket - stockings ripped myself - david jones fingerless leather gloves

my take on the rodarte beauties

i just want to drink me some wine

one not so lonley saturday night

dress made myself - calla leather jacket - stockings ripped myself - wittner shoes - costume shop necklace - sportsgirl headband

crown street high waisted jeans - fur vest from thrift store - american apparel black tshirt

went to some place in surry hills and vegas in the cross few weeks ago
fun night but didn't end well
im in love with the peace symbol necklace i wore. found it in a costume shop and put it on the gold chain. at first thought it was too bling but gave it a go anyway. same issue with the stockings. worried i'd look like a hooker but figured im not? so fuck that

cupid draw back your bow

sat 20.9.08
chris's 18th/city
a delightful night at chris's 18th drinks followed by a trip to the city to chime in on some nightlife adventures.

fur jacket, trousers, bag, belt: thrift store - singlet: target

hooded leotard, leather skirt: made myself - gloves: david jones - bag: thrift store