September 10, 2008

when your not here i sleep in your t shirt

and so we decided to have a quiet night in during the winter holidays.

i find it diffcult dressing with flats during winter but stockings saved my life. yes, stockings UNDER my plastic leggings. it's a weird idea but not noticeable and kept me super warm. i was also over dressing all black and pulled out my favourite flowy summer shirt.

american apparel eelskin leggings - ilovebilly oxfords - vintage shirt - myer grey longsleeved basic - calla leather jacket

and then i was inspired to reunite with my denim shirt dress. i had altered it from a basic shirt during summer by removing the sleaves and gathering sections of the waist but lost it for most of the warm season. nina's vintage leather jacket made up for the lack of warmth. ripped stockings didn't help for anything but looked remotely cool.

levis altered shirt - vintage leather jacket - stockings ripped myself - david jones fingerless leather gloves

my take on the rodarte beauties

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