March 31, 2009

who could win a rabbit

1. i cannot wait for this to become available in australia HOLY SHIT
i want to stud it
2. corduroy jacket for winter, yes yes
3. still need to invest in some tie dye leggings seeing as it's FREEZING outside now
american apparel

and with just half of a sun burn

good morning
it's still raining today, pretty heavy actually and im still in bed
i think ill stay here all day
until tonight

i am a full grown boy

it's raining like crazy outside
which could explain the constant posts this evening, i have nothing better to do in this weather
aaanndddd i want more hats
imagesource: ???

i love this photo of taylor warren

so i ventured out and bought a grey blazer. already have a flannie, denim cut offs and combat boots so may as well dress as a clone

i also found this cute red velvet hat on my adventure. very 90s. can't wait to wear it.


i wanna...

do this to my finger nails

i made a dress II

i love floral
found this material in mama's fabric cupboard
one sleeve dress

March 29, 2009

as far as i can see

obsessed with risko from SRC783's studded shirt
i feel a little diy coming on
and her dress isn't half bad either

March 27, 2009

when the music was shit

k so thought id share some of my loves at the moment...

first off Jape is an irish electro-rock band and side project of Richie Egan

this song literally describes my summer and when i heard it at purple sneakers the other week i almost cried

i never cry

cool video too, yum fruit

i discovered sleepy head by Passion Pit at the begining of last year on a music blog

the upbeat song pretty much got me through the hsc and the partying that followed

and now after a huge success at the South by Southwest festival this year they are finally on commercial radio

annnddd last

fever ray is the solo project from Dreijer Andersson, one half of the musical duo The Knife

with a similar sound i discoverd the album on the album show on FBI radio

and i am in love with this video

the way she moves and the costume is very romance was born

i have so many more i wish to show you but ill save them and stick with fashion

i made a new dress that i plan to wear tonight so i will post that later


March 23, 2009

hello daddy, cherry bomb

really like this look

March 22, 2009

oh no

heading to opshops today to purchase a grey blazer

i made a dress

i didnt have anything simple and easy to wear on the weekend so i made this dress out of left over fabric
super simple and comfortable

sundried sheets

monday mooo
its hot and sunny and i dont have work
photosource: taylor warren

March 20, 2009

March 18, 2009

ba di dum da

kate moss
french vogue

March 17, 2009

March 15, 2009

i am just a poor boy

crazy sunny monday
bought a new record player


steal your friends car

i love reading the train times for the country lines at central station
the places you could go if you hopped on
dubbo, newcastle, broken hill, coffs harbour...


the dog days are over

went to bondi, darlinghurst and newtown today
finally found some round sunnies
aannndddd came across last season second hand shakuhachi shoes for only $40
figured i dont own any wedges and i could easy spray paint these black or something so gave them a go
pretty happy

March 14, 2009

like wild horses over the hills

not quite sure about the big long lace up
but im so sure about the rest
yeah yeah

March 12, 2009

i think we have issues

weekend in london

friday night

denim shirt: charity store, skirt: target, top: primark
saturday night
collingham gardens

white blazer: charity store, tights: new look, top: primark
spent the weekend in london with g, m and e
we had fun.

March 11, 2009

just a really good idea

imagesource: style sightings
i have something to do to keep myself busy now

hey hey what can i do

seeing as my search for a good floral tretch fabric failed
i neeeeeeed these
so perfect