May 31, 2009

remember that's much better then never ever getting enough

isabelle mcnally still worship her

when the fires came

for my gyspy friend bella

invest in micromesh

and so first day of winter has come along
and as you know i am not a fan
BUT it is half way through nina's gap year and she's back in only 6 months or something! yay

dancing for toothpaste

admire these images a little
had a typical sunday

May 29, 2009


i once did a post with this picture about a top i made
i made a longer version last night to wear tonight
thought everyone should know
and that i also like the picture below


so much pink and i dont even like pink

jungle book 2 and i have a life

it's saturday

this heart's on fire

ah yes rachel ballinger, and a cat

this is...

...the type of hippy i would like to be
marykate olsen in the wackness
favourite movie of all time, i still listen to the soundtrack every day
im offically a gay over the top movie fan, bless me


just a little something something to feed everyone's zippora addiction
from NO magazine. i apologise i couldn't pick just a few favourites so here are heaps

May 27, 2009

a middle distance runner

i could so use this hat this morning


although these aren't, i really want some cropped jeans

May 26, 2009


whenever i don't have money i want everything
once i get money i hate everything

staring at the sun

part of the fun

May 24, 2009

maya again and again and again and again.

fun weekend, so it only seems right that i crawl into a hole and die tonight
more posts tomorrow but here's some more maya because she so cool

take me to my beach

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

summer tallulah
its nearly here!
half term holdaiys for me = malta
be back in a week

May 21, 2009

you massive shithead

so i love love boots like this
these are another pair from zu theres another style that just came in too but i couldn't find an image
and i know i've been saying for months "ima get me a pair" that time hasn't come yet
i tend to just say it just to make me feel better. if i put that positive energy out into the universe then the shoes will one day be mine, or something. 'the secret'?
so basically i'm going to start a "sick arse ankle boot" fund and hope for the best.
after setting my goals and feeling super positive about my plan, these showed up at work (in brown too!!)

and i wanted to kill myself.


i have so many issues

but i embace them all.

i wear shoes no matter how tight and painful they are and complain after. WIDE FEET UNITE.

if i scratch one arm i need to scratch the other to even it out.

velvet fetish.

i need an ipod in my ears on the train not matter what, otherwise the evil train germs enter my body through my ears and take over my brain.

if i have my jumbo oporto hot chips at work i NEED to finish it off with fresh baked choc chip cookies from coles.

ill leave you to relate to those for a wee bit.
stripes and shorties. ITS NOT EVEN WINTER YET!

May 20, 2009

there goes the girl with the pretty skirt

k so as i was cleaning out my room i came across my old childrens books
and of course the greatest of them all
i remember how sad i got when he lost the last bit of chocolate
and the girl just waved him goodbye, the bitch didn't even care
but thank god for the duck that found it and gave it back to him now he was helping a brother out

where to? my house your house

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
if you feel like laughing look at this

heart is like a hand me down

how beautiful is this. black lippy aaayyy

you toy with the boy on the football team

one of maya's many gifs
i kinda want to make one now

May 19, 2009

if i were shoeless

few of chase cohl's beautiful creations for littledoe
after changing my room around today im going to go by me some daisies and put them smack bang in the middle


changing my room around tomorrow
so sick of it