October 29, 2008

stoned in love

even though the launch of the Erin Wasson x RVCA was nearly two months ago
i'm still crazy in love with this range
especially the floral dress

we're planning on having a paddle pool party to celebrate finishing school
loving the decorations for the launch

October 26, 2008

or all the good ones will have gone

an unenthusiastic hello to monday morning

but before we get too depressed that the weekend is 5 days away
here are some shots from the current 'exotic' issue of Oyster mag

i love this bright yellow, partly crochet One Teaspoon bikini, now i just need to find out where to get it

"Late For the Sky"
photography: Chantelle Dosser
Styling: Benoit Masonson
Model: Julia

it was sunny when i first woke up but the clouds are rolling in
and i realised yesterday that i still haven't bought that goldfish i've always dreamed of
i may purchase one soon
suggestions for names?
i was thinking Flounder (like from the little mermaid) or even Raja (seeing as i can't exactly have a tiger for a pet).
Maybe some ideas that aren't Disney related?

swordfish hotkiss night

zippora seven, teach me won't you?

current issue of YEN

no sex, no sex for ben rama now

friday was nina's 18th
we spent the afternoon at taits before heading to the cross

dress: altered from thrift store. rings: thrift store & diva. shoes: siren

these are my new babies
bought them that morning from wanted literally 2 minutes after the new stock arrived
they're from siren and incredibly high/chunky, just how i like them

blue velvet figureskater dress: vintage. denim vest: thrift store. gloves: david jones. shoes: siren.

the next morning overlooking the harbour. beautiful.

October 25, 2008

tiger in a drug store

so it has been a while
but to make up for it i'd like you all to meet Alice
named after alice dellal of course!
she is the slr camera i got for my 18th and my new best friend

just some more photos from the holidays
a lot of time was spent at tait's place and the beach