October 26, 2008

no sex, no sex for ben rama now

friday was nina's 18th
we spent the afternoon at taits before heading to the cross

dress: altered from thrift store. rings: thrift store & diva. shoes: siren

these are my new babies
bought them that morning from wanted literally 2 minutes after the new stock arrived
they're from siren and incredibly high/chunky, just how i like them

blue velvet figureskater dress: vintage. denim vest: thrift store. gloves: david jones. shoes: siren.

the next morning overlooking the harbour. beautiful.


CRISTA said...

great shoes!!! and pictures!!

Jayo. said...

i love the gold rolex.
i think its a rolex.
and if it isn't a rolex.
then that is embarrassing for me.

regardless, its wicked x