October 26, 2008

or all the good ones will have gone

an unenthusiastic hello to monday morning

but before we get too depressed that the weekend is 5 days away
here are some shots from the current 'exotic' issue of Oyster mag

i love this bright yellow, partly crochet One Teaspoon bikini, now i just need to find out where to get it

"Late For the Sky"
photography: Chantelle Dosser
Styling: Benoit Masonson
Model: Julia

it was sunny when i first woke up but the clouds are rolling in
and i realised yesterday that i still haven't bought that goldfish i've always dreamed of
i may purchase one soon
suggestions for names?
i was thinking Flounder (like from the little mermaid) or even Raja (seeing as i can't exactly have a tiger for a pet).
Maybe some ideas that aren't Disney related?

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