December 23, 2008


i want to wear something really grunge on new years eve


December 21, 2008

see my friends

sunny monday
had ash c's 18th at world bar in the cross last night.
two new lovers in my life.

the other day we went on another trip out to ashfield & summerhill to visit the warehouse and market opshops. In a massive bin of shoes i found these beauties. They are both half a size too small but i figured i'd wear them enough to stretch them and a little pain isn't so bad when they look this good. The combat boots i worship and really want to stud them a la balmain. I've had an ongoing obsession with 90s fads and fashions and the platform ankle boots are perfect. Both cost me only $5 and i arrived home a happy girl.

saturday night greenwood I wore my platforms for the first time and my god were they comfortable.


December 15, 2008

another day

christmas tree decorating



lights out

need to invest in some hats
both of these would do just fine
went christmas tree decorating at nina's last night
ill post some photos next
christmas shopping with le brother today
how festive is all this, i love this time of year
old school christmas songs. bit of elvis and that
does anyone know how to put music on my blog?

December 14, 2008

you can ring my bell

alice dellal & alexander wang

i want your money thats what i want

wish away...

1. topshop checked playsuit = love the structure and the checks give it some character
2. forever 21 feather hemmed dress = always dribbled over feathers on dresses

3. topshop bealted faux fur gilet
4. topshop boyfriend blazer
5. topshop feather coat = a great buy for winter

6. wittner monacco sandals = slightly similar to the balacienga flats but 3 quarters of the price
7. wittner chantel booties = boootttiesss!
8. forever 21 fringe platforms
9. wittner wish heel = mummy said she would get these for me for christmas yay!

tonight were decorating the christmas tree with some of my friends. a bit of drinkies and dinner to follow.

December 13, 2008

they call me dayglo

hughbear's 18th at warringah bowling club
moved on to cargo bar then north sydney

i'll start including more fashion related posts sooooon
right now off to have a schoolies repeat
start drinking at 1pm
finish at 5 am