December 21, 2008

see my friends

sunny monday
had ash c's 18th at world bar in the cross last night.
two new lovers in my life.

the other day we went on another trip out to ashfield & summerhill to visit the warehouse and market opshops. In a massive bin of shoes i found these beauties. They are both half a size too small but i figured i'd wear them enough to stretch them and a little pain isn't so bad when they look this good. The combat boots i worship and really want to stud them a la balmain. I've had an ongoing obsession with 90s fads and fashions and the platform ankle boots are perfect. Both cost me only $5 and i arrived home a happy girl.

saturday night greenwood I wore my platforms for the first time and my god were they comfortable.


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rackkandruin said...

those boots are amazing. i highly recommend bringing them to a cobbler and getting them stretched. it's pretty cheap and well worth it.