December 8, 2008

magic in here

k so on saturday i returned from a 7 day trip to surfers paradise on the gold coast in sunny QLD from a week called
"schoolies week"

it's basically what austrlian kids do when they finish their hsc
we spend 7 days drinking on the beach and by hotel swimming pools, going to beach parties/clubs/stippos/the like, watching the sun rise on the beach sleeping til 12 and doing it all over again

probably the greatest week of my life here are some vauge photos but most would get the idea

k so i bought this top from bardot just before i left
you can't see it properly but it's basically this floral corset with frills
i reckon it looks heaps like the opening ceremony one i spotted on knightcat
so i claim that

to sum up it was actually so much better than i expected
even if most of the time was spent in a bikini holding a beer or glass of goon

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