December 7, 2008

if you want to play seek and hide

okay so it has been a while
two weeks actually (so i've been told) and ive slapped my wrist and learnt my lesson
things have been craaaazy since finishing school so i've decided to make a few super big entries with just shots of what we've been up to in no actual order, mainly because due to alcohol and the like i cannot remember

but hereeeeee we goooo

a trip to bondi with larl, nina and i

please tell me someone else loves happy high

running around the streets of killara one boring tuesday evening

this day we (nina and i) went to tait's for drinks and alice (my camera) fun and then later to the greengate with everyone

drinks at ali's in cremorne before bag raiders at the eastern, this was pretty far back literally just after i finished the HSC

nina, madds and i waiting at the station on the way to home in darling harbour

and so there is a start, fun right?
next i'll put up photos from maddy's 18th, jul & liv's farewell, nina's 18th and more im suureee

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FRANKIE. said...

you have the cutest blog. cool photos tooo xxx