May 8, 2009

this little lady and her many looks

i like her hair


Ashita said...

I'm really digging the fashion, freedom and basically the philosophy OF " i dont give a damn about what you think attitude!" haha hi5

This outfit looks ridiculously good from the hair right down to the boots. Its perfect.

BEACH 11:29 said...

that is awesome
like seriously awesome

p.s. is she a blogger-im prob being stupid right now bc i bet that there's a link to her blog on the page and i just simply overlooked it haha

hold on i'll check...

tailorstitch said...

im loving these pics!!

Sylvia said...

amazing.. does this girl have her own blog?

Hannah said...

I love the colors here! Her skin looks amazing against her silver top and silvery-blonde hair!

Ette said...

her blog is!
swedish girls have the best style <3
ps your blog is fab