March 4, 2009

i got a girl but she wont be true

was a wee bit hungover earlier today and decided to pull out this white blazer i bought as a christmas present to myself from an opshop end of last year
need an outfit for this evening
couldnt decide between the leather skirt or denim shorts?
and i need help taking photos
lots of help
enjoy this pretty day kids!


filthy lust said...

love your hair, really like the leather looking skirt too.

Stephanie said...

Your blazer looks amazing!! Id definatly go for the shorts though.

CRISTA said...

i have been looking for the perfect white blazer for like two years now. ugh. i need one!

roxanne said...

neeeeeeed a white blazer in my life. i love both these looks, though i'm partial to the shorts, i'm digging the wash.

Miriam said...

nice jeansshorts!

signe said...

cool shorts!!