March 9, 2009

just realised..

.. how great the lyrics to The Virgin's one week danger are

We're best friends
We hold hands
We're in love
You're my man

Darling, no
That's not me
I'm a ghost
In the sheets

Well is there something that you like about her?
I like the way that her body bends in half.
And is there something that you love abour her?
There ain't a woman in this world I wont' let go.

Come on baby,
We get alongPlease don't just spoil it
Don't steer us wrong
Let's get together
And get it on
Let's get those clothes off
Before I'm gone

You talk about me like you own me
Baby, that's not fair
I told you that I had somebody else
You did not care
And now you're talking on the phone
You're telling all of your friends:
"We love each other!"

so great
and alice
imagesource: tfs

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