March 27, 2009

when the music was shit

k so thought id share some of my loves at the moment...

first off Jape is an irish electro-rock band and side project of Richie Egan

this song literally describes my summer and when i heard it at purple sneakers the other week i almost cried

i never cry

cool video too, yum fruit

i discovered sleepy head by Passion Pit at the begining of last year on a music blog

the upbeat song pretty much got me through the hsc and the partying that followed

and now after a huge success at the South by Southwest festival this year they are finally on commercial radio

annnddd last

fever ray is the solo project from Dreijer Andersson, one half of the musical duo The Knife

with a similar sound i discoverd the album on the album show on FBI radio

and i am in love with this video

the way she moves and the costume is very romance was born

i have so many more i wish to show you but ill save them and stick with fashion

i made a new dress that i plan to wear tonight so i will post that later


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