September 13, 2008

credit in the straight world

look a diva in the eye
now that the sun is shining and my legs are bare
i need to invest in a pair of mirrored sunnies

taking inspiration from tallulah

photos courtesy cobrasnake (shrine currently under constrction)

probably my favourite thrift store buy ever, this denim shirt
it's so basic, but so great.
and this leather skirt i made for my textiles major work. i gathered the sides to give it that 'wrap' look. surprisingly i can wear it with anything


Rumi said...

Faded denim shirts are a favorite of mine too, very good with leather!

Jayo. said...

Is Tallulah not the dishiest babe in all of the world?

I started modelling at the same time she did. It just so happened that she became obscenely famous and I stayed in Melbourne doing dull Fashion Journal shoots.

I am fond of these glasses also :)