February 3, 2009

sunday morning when we play down in church

alice dellal in this months oyster
i almost DIED when i saw the cover and the shoot was that much better
i actually want every single thing in this shoot, i cant find one thing i dont want


filthy lust said...

i like that pink and white shirt.

rackkandruin said...

great editorial! i did a post with these images and credited you, thanks for sharing! xx
i'm so glad you have Tame Impala on your playlist. my friend gave me a cd of theirs and it's been on repeat in my car for a few weeks now, great band!

CRISTA said...

this editorial is pretty bad ass

Madeleine said...

so much love for alice. She gives me hope that un-died hair, and three month old regrowth is okay at worst.


susie miller said...

this shoot is rad. x