June 9, 2009


i know i've posted this dress about a million times
but i finally have the moolah to buy it
went into the oxford st store today
picked up the black
and hiding behind it was this beautiful mint colour
now i can't decide which i want


Giz said...

i like the aqua.. a little different and you can wear it all year round.. but i think you'd get more use out of the black.. such a decision!!!

alannah said...

definitely go the black and then you can make it even more your own with zinging accessories!

emma said...

yeah black defoo, because then you can pair it with mint shoes, red shoes, pink shoes, blue shoes but with the mint dress your limited

rastalove699 said...

where can i get this dress!!! cuz now i want it lol in black ;-)

Anonymous said...

no competition.. in black!
im picturing heaven if you diy studded this dress

black more like a blank canvas for u to work your magic :) but the aqua is cutee

loveeee x

rival + pearl said...

black please :)