August 23, 2009

write somebody else

currently a little obsessed with almost ugly kind of 90s sandals

these first one are from gap and i would DIE for them
typically they dont ship to australia o my life is over


charles david

michael kors

and these are from my work at wittner
considering getting them


Alexandra said...

I love the first shoes!
Chunky sandals are amazing. So jealous you work at Wittner!

Faridah said...

I'm loving the chunky sandals look atm! If only I held on to all of mum's awesome 70s sandals which she threw out!! x

Alanna said...

loved the 90's.

Anonymous said...

are the wittner shoes current stock? how much are they... couldn't find them on the wittner website!

nina + seraina said...

they are from last year and aren't on display in most stores but if you just ask the sales assistant they might have some in store or can order them in for you
they are called Tommy in Black Patent
currently on sale of $45 so hurry hurry!
Seraina Xx