August 16, 2010

something so sad happened
my maison martin margiela inspired platforms FINALLY arrived
the box says 39
they fit like 37

so now i am selling them here

they're so beautiful though right?


Blaike Alexandra said...

where did you get those!? They are amazing!

Anastasia and Duck said...

It's always so sad when things like that happen... Online shopping can be a nightmare sometimes!


rouli said...

amazin !

love it!

visit and join:)



i would be crushed.. too bad no money no size


Luca Belotti said...

Hey cool blog!
Please visit my blog and tell me what you think about. I hope you'll be one of my followers.

Bye LB

wanderingbabcia said...

Hi love your blog!! And the shoes!!!

Rachelle xx

Jenny said...

Hey! I've been following your blog for some time now! Glad to see your still going! I tried shopping on Etsy and it was a complete waste of money - I have to try things on first.

Mystery Bruises said...

they are beautiful!
i bought a really similar pair from kurt gieger, they are cheetah print, im so sad i didnt see these babies earlier, im following you now so i dont miss out
love your blog, keep up the good stuff

Tash said...

Oh no, that's the worst. Too small is especially painful.

Love your blog though, just stumbled upon it and enjoying everything thus far.

Drop by sometime!

Sorella said...

It sucks when that happens :(. The shoes are funky but not my cup of tea, I think they would make me too tall.

I hope you sell them though :).

Oslo by fashion said...

wish the shoes fitted me!! they where gourgeous!!

Amy Joy said...

love them!

Gaby de Modacapital said...

Hi!! :)
I really like your blog, I follow you :D
... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)