April 12, 2009

falling asleep at the disco

i want lanterns like this in my room
since daylight savings ended and its been dark heaps early im getting annoyed at the fact the light in my room still hasn't been fixed and i've been living with a bedside table lamp and candles
i just can't find any like this

my friend loz and i
ripped jeans
didn't plan it. cool huh


filthy lust said...

i did, i did! those lamps would be sweet in my bedroom too, hope you find some, or your light gets fixed soon!

Natasha said...

how do you rip your jeans like that...we should be penpals ha no one at my school here is the u.s. knows style like you. and i love fashion... great blog!

beth said...

i like the light blue riped jeans with a tan looks amazing!