April 7, 2009

Going hey hey hey hey hey

recently i've been obsessed with mood boarding it
after finishing school i had so many ideas of what i wanted to design and make but they all remained a big mixed bag of lollies in my head
my mother (god bless her) suggested i do something productive with all my free time seeing as i'm taking a year off studying
so i bought two massive cork baords and started cutting, searching, drawing, pinning, experimenting, playing, insert more ing words here.
my latest addition
doodling today on the train
decided i wanted a simple top and/or dress i could make out of any fabric whenever i feed like having something new in my wardrobe (kinda like a topshop find)
just fold some fabric
cut in a neck line
sew side seams from middle to bottom
ta da!
drapes perfectly


filthy lust said...


Anonymous said...

thats really cool im obsessed with collages too i have two binders full of teeny mood boards and i have a big one on my room wall

thats a good idea taking a year off of school
i took a sem off before going to my current Uni (FIT in ny) but i aint feelin it too much! girlie
ahh i know what i want to do now its just a matter of doing it

Anonymous said...

meant to ask what did you study and what ur breaks venture will be travel??ooh that'd be fun :)