April 25, 2009

the word hurricane

k so topshop
photos thanks to www.stylebubble.co.uk

the detailing gets me

hey these almost remind me of the emma cook ones
just less chunky
and patent
and kind of different altogether
...worth a try

i'd totally give up a million nights out for these puppies

two words: velvet fetish

i will never understand why i am so attracted to floral denim
who knows
just like ashley olsen
but with studs!
the shape is right
don't ask why these are so small
but cut out cut out cut out
my next project
dude, it sparkles!


Elle said...

these are all fantastic!! where did u find them all?



Anonymous said...

oh my fuken god where do I get everything in this post!!!! ahhhhh excitment haha xx