July 7, 2009

i blame you hollywood

god knows why i bought these bright green tie dye jeans from cream at the start of this year
they looked kind of "cool" and "different" and it was the start of the tie dye comeback
i cut them and hid them
today i found them
i can'd work out how to wear them without looking like a tool
here i try


For Love not Money said...

I think you wear them well - no toolness about it.

These actually reminded me of a pair of king gee overalls I found at Salvos at the beginning of the year. They were blue and purple tie dye and I bought them and splatered them with bleach so now they have neon green/white in the mix too.

Never got around to wearing them....might have to have a go when the weather warms up...


Anonymous said...

Mmm they are pretty cool, you wear them well.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I'm completely obsessed by them...I think their absolutely marvelous. I like the combination of the plain grey oversized tee also. 10/10 for me..wear these beauties more!xxx


The Queen of Hearts said...

I love the way you put together these photoshoots. And the color combination is most unusual -- I'd never think to pair a slate gray and high waist green tie dye shorts but it totally works. Very inspiring!