July 2, 2009

under construction

starting to make my lace bell bottoms
ive decided ill do both off white and black

cannot wait to wear them, IF they work out


Miriam said...

ah can not wait so see the results!!


Maverick Malone said...

Can't wait to see them!! :D

xx. mavi

For Love not Money said...

Ha! Thanks for the matter-of-fact comment Seraina....although its easy for you to say - you ARE one of those model-y bloggers!

Nice work on the bustier. I bought a PVC one a few weeks back (cause I'm trashy like that) and have been loving it over a white oversize tee.

Oh and I'll take a pair of those animal print wedges too - Soo amazing!


LACY said...

cant wait to see them! and this picture is so amazing :)