July 13, 2009

"so anyway" should be one word

i died when i saw this outfit from the topshop fall 09 lookbook
the fur
the lace
the croptop

and then the emma cook shoes
didn't like when i first saw
but now they're growing on me
but im still not sure
probably the red if anything
but id need to see them on


For Love not Money said...

You're totally welcome to the skirt! Its actually nice to know someone else who likes op-shop finds - Jodes and I's friends aren't so much into the more "fashion" side of fashion, if you know what I mean.

I actually like the zebra emma cooks - they kind of have a creeper quality to them, which I very much dig.

Are you going on the MINKPINK drinks next weekend?


Miriam said...

wow i love the wedge-boots