July 16, 2009

we wont run

giselle and i
when i wore the velvet minkpink dress


Fee. said...

that looks awesomeee!

btw, i was thinking of buying that same dress online.. just a question, is velvet quite clingy and tight, or is it a looser garment? just wondering what size to get.. thanks :)

love the blog by the way! xx

nina + seraina said...

on the inside of the velvet mink pink used it is smooth and slippery so it literally like slides over your body and is super flattering! but i think most velvets are okay
personally on me crushed velvet makes me look obese maybe because it's kind of shiny? but thats just me!
i love velvet thouugh
which on are you buying online? i'd love to see! Xx

Faridah said...

I've been eying off that mink pink dress for so long now. This just proves I have to have one! xx

Bluefemme said...

I love the red hair and the bangles.


haha my i bought the tights version of that today. only $12 couldn't help myself. wearing them now so comfy. xx